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Manufacturer's Part No: VCD100

We now have the Callington Mite Spray back in stock! Following a long wait, this popular insecticide for amateur and professional use against snake mites is now available.

This unique reptile safe formula effectively kills and controls mites with no need to rinse off after application.

  • Use against Ophionyssus Natricis
  • Aerosol spray easy for application
  • Propellant is non-toxic and non-flammable
  • Scientifically evaluated by University of Western Sydney



Available for the first time in the UK with Health and safety executive pesticides licensing approval. Callington Top of Descent Reptile Enclosure Insecticide. Hand held aerosol for use against snake mites. HSE APPROVAL NUMBER: 8966. CONTENT: D-PHENOTHRIN 1.86% W/W. Insecticide for amateur and professional use against snake mites, especially Ophionyssus Natricis in enclosures. For indoor use only. NEW INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Remove any food and the water bowl before application. Leave snake in enclosure and apply a 4-5 second spray for an enclosure 50 x 100cms. For larger enclosures spray for longer. Do not rinse the enclosure or animal after treatment. Can be used directly on animal. Spray from a distance of 30cm avoiding the eyes. Replace water bowl after 24hrs. This will avoid snake soaking and reducing effectiveness of treatment. Repeat treatment every 7 days until mites are eradicated.

CAUTION: Very toxic to aquatic organisms. May cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment. When treating very small or sensitive species use with caution. If in doubt remove snake whilst treating enclosure. Can be toxic to cats. For use only as an insecticide. Wash hands and exposed skin before meals and after use. Keep in a safe place.



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