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Model No: 5029182002034
Manufacturer's Part No: VCD020

The Cascade Pet Odour Killer is a great product for around the house, allowing you to deal with any unpleasant pet odours as they occur to eradicate them completely, before they can spread and contaminate the entire area.

This liquid spray is great for all kinds of animal smells, able to be applied directly to an affected area to leave it smelling fresh and clean. The Cascade Pet Odour Killer deals directly with the bacteria that cause odours, killing them off to destroy the smells completely rather than merely masking them, only to be uncovered at a later date. While getting rid of the smell, the Cascade Pet Odour Killer also replaces it with a pleasant citrus scent that fills the air, creating a fresh and clean smelling environment.

This product is ideal for any accidents that may occur, coping well with the bacteria included in pet urine and faeces. The Cascade Pet Odour Killer is safe for use on textiles as well as on hard surfaces and is great for floors and furniture. This spray can be used in the home or in the car, while also effectively dealing with any odours present in your animals litter tray and cage.

Supplied in a handy spray bottle, the Cascade Pet Odour Killer is used much like any other household cleaning product, easily applied and able to be used in a precise and direct manner. The spray function is able to spread the solution well, meaning that your own contact with any mess is minimised.

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