Price: £10.55

Model No: 5027407010345
Manufacturer's Part No: LC300003

New and available for the first time in both Edison screw and bayonet fitting.
Halogen spot lamps can be used to create a basking area of high, localised heat in your vivarium.
Halogen lamps run hotter, have a longer life and are more robust than standard spot lamps.
The small filament is much stronger and less likely to fail under the adverse conditions of a reptile enclosure.
The halogen bulb is fitted into a reflector bulb to concentrate the heat and light in a smaller focused beam.
The lamp is designed to concentrate the heat in a small local area and is not designed to heat the whole vivarium.
Halogen lamps produce light of a higher luminous efficacy and colour temperature, being closer to that of natural sunlight.
A Dimming HabiStat thermostat should always be used to control the temperature.

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