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Model No: 4040483636415
Manufacturer's Part No: LLB075

IMPORTANT! external balast required

The Bright Sun UV is a revolutionary new UV lamp that offers light, heat and UV in one lamp at low wattages

Because the external balast life can last many times longer than the bulb good cost savings can be made when it is time to replace the bulb compared to self balasted mercury vapour bulbs.

This Bright Sun Flood Lamp Desert 70W by Lucky Reptile, is a different way to offer your pet reptile's Terrarium its necessary Ultra-Violet A and B rays, as well as providing a strong heat. These Flood Lamps by Lucky Reptile are designed to provide a wide range of light and heat, rather than focusing on a spot. The Bright Sun Flood Lamp Desert, therefore is great for spreading light, giving a general coverage of the whole of your pet reptile's enclosure.

This is because the Bright Sun FLOOD was developed as an alternative to Lucky Reptile's range of metal halide flood lamps, built to provide a large scale illumination of your terrarium thanks to a 70 degrees reflector. They are also cheaper.

For best illumination of your terrarium we recommend combining the Bright Sun Flood with a Bright Sun UV Desert to create focused, local sun spots.

For animals with low UV requirements like geckos the Bright Sun Flood Desert may be used as sole lighting, making this Lamp potentially very cost effective and versatile.

The Bright Sun will fit into standard E27 porcelain lampholder and requires a ballast like the Lucky Reptile Bright Control devices. We recommend the Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket PRO (click here or click here) with silicone wire as its connector is a simple push fit to the connector on the Bright Control devices creating a Plug and Play solution. Other lampholders may be attached as well allowing to upgrade existing vivarium setups with the Bright Sun technology.

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