Price: £55.99

Model No: 608641997095
Manufacturer's Part No: CMA255

Microclimate HH 6 Thermostat allows you to independently control two separate heat sources to maintain the perfect temperature for your reptile.

The HH 6 has the ability to control up to and including 600w of power split between the two heat outputs.
The advantage of the HH 6 Thermostat is that is gives you the ability to either control the temperatures of two seperate vivariums, or to control two separate heat sources - such as a basking lamp and heater - within the same vivarium.

Simply set the dials to the ideal temperature for each vivarium, or for your single vivarium, and the HH 6 will automatically switch your heat outputs on and off to keep your reptile safe and happy.

The temperature range on the HH6 is between 19C - 43C, this wide temperature range means the HH6 can be used for a variety of heat outputs.

The HH 6 Thermostat also has colour coded LEDs for ease of use. A green LED indicates the thermostat has power, whereas red and amber LEDs indicate which heat source has power being sent to it.

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