Price: £38.99

Model No: 844046013309
Manufacturer's Part No: LAB080

The D3 UV Basking lamp is a high performance lamp providing UVB, UVA visible light and heat from a single lamp.
First of its kind! No one else offers a Mini M.V lamp
Suited for use with all species from desert animals in smaller enclosures right through to tall arboreal enclosures with Chameleons and water dragons and even some tall dartfrog enclosures.
UVB power relative to its size, more energy efficient than a 100w lamp.

- Important for reptiles development and health
- Aids the synthesis of Vitamin D3
- Helps prevent metabolic bone disease
- Stimulates reproduction



Provides UVB, UVA visible light & Infrared (heat) energy from a single lamp
50 degree beam angle for wide basking area
Average life 6,000 hours
No external ballast required
1 year guarantee
Includes detailed instructions sheet

96mm dia.
135mm total length



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