Price: £1.99

Model No: 5060446440162
Manufacturer's Part No: 207389

This is a large trap with a low profile; it fits easily under kitchen appliances and in confined spaces.
It is ideal to fit under most domestic fridges which is where most escaped crickets will head for as they seek the heat from the fridge compressor unit and moisture from the condensation unit.

The low design and ramp leading to the sticky surface prevents insects from escaping. Ready to use, just peel off cover and assemble trap. Each tarp is supplied with a specially formulated attractant tablet to be placed on glue in centre of trap. This food based attractant works well for all species of crickets along with other insects

Pesticide free baited low line, high capacity insect trap. This trap has four entrances and is cost effective and easy to assemble.

These Traps are Pesticide-free and can be used in sensitive areas including nearly all school classrooms, food processing plants, restaurants, fitness gyms, health care facilities, supermarkets, and office buildings.

The wings on the top of the trap protect the glue surface from dust and dirt, and help to disperse the attractant. The trap design allows air to enter at the ends and flow out the sides into the environment. This maintains the efficacy of the trap over a long period.

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