Price: £24.49

Model No: 015561221658
Manufacturer's Part No: LHR548

- 30% UVA
- 5% UVB
- Tropical Terrarium Lamp
- For reptiles with high UV requirements
- Ideal for all tropical and sub-tropical reptiles
- UVA (30%)stimulates appetite, activity and reproductive behavior
- UVB (5%) promotes Vitamin D3 synthesis
- Recommended in combination with Repti~Glo 2.0
- Suitable for tropical animals such as Phelsuma Species, Iguana Species, Tropical Tortoises, Chameleon Species, Most Turtles, Fire Skinks etc..

15 inch X 1 inch Diameter (14W)
18 inch X 1 inch Diameter (15W)
24 inch X 1 inch Diameter (20W)
30 inch X 1 inch Diameter (25W)
36 inch X 1 inch Diameter (30W)
42 inch X 1 inch Diameter (40W)
48 inch X 1 inch Diameter (40W)

NB Beacuse of Royal Mail size restrictions you can not select "Special Delivery or Standard Delivery" as the shipping method for tubes over 30inches long, they must be sent by courier, if you live in the more remote parts of the UK or off-shore islands this will be very expensive.

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