Price: £23.49

Model No: 015561221887
Manufacturer's Part No: LHC217

Exo Terra Repti Glo UVB Compact Fluorescent Lamps are small and self ballasted versions of the Repti Glo Fluorescent tube lights and each provides the same benefits of its counterpart. The Exo Terra Compacts require a regular screw fitting to operate and can be positioned vertical or horizontal with the same result due to their spiral shape.

The 10.0 Compact provides clear sky desert level UVB (effective up to 20") and is suitable for desert type set ups and can be combined with the 2.0 to give a very level light condition which animals such as bearded dragons love. It is also suitable for use above mesh screens which can filter around 50% of the UVB.

All Compact lights should be on for around 10 - 12 hours a day to give a day and night cycle for your reptile.

Suitable for:
Use in place of a Fluorescent tube
10.0 - Desert animals with high UVB requirements (bearded dragons, blue tongued skinks etc)

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