Price: £6.72

Model No: 015561228152
Manufacturer's Part No: WHD050

The Exo Terra Snake Bowl has a very natural and realistic rock finish on the outside and a smooth non-pitted surface on the inside.
The bowls are coated to prevent the development of harmful bacteria and make it easy to clean.
Snakes will drink from their water bowl, but they also love to bathe, especially when going into a shed cycle. The Exo Terra Snake Bowls extra-deep design allows your snake to curl up in the bowl and fully submerge to soak up water.
The shape of the Exo Terra Snake Bowl is especially designed to prevent it from being tipped over, and to avoid spilling water while bathing.

Natural look integrates in any type of terrarium
Easy to clean
Reduces spilling of water
Non-porous and smooth surface will not absorb harmful bacteria
Made from food-grade resin
Very stable, not easily tipped over by snakes

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