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Model No: 5027407000490
Manufacturer's Part No: M000016

Sexing Probes are designed to give accurate sexing results of snakes and some other reptile species which cannot be sexed from external features. Sexing of reptiles can be extremely important as in many cases it is ok to keep all females together or with one male in an enclosure but it is not ok to keep multiple males. The profesional Sexing Probes will give accurate sex results if used correctly.

Sexing Probes should only be used by professionals or by people who know how to use them. Injury from sexing probes is highly likely from someone who does not know how to do it.
Please seek advice if you have not used them before or if the animal is smaller or younger than you have done before.

Surgical grade stainless steel sexing probes, set of six.

Only to be used by experienced herp keepers that have been correctly instructed in the proper use of these instruments.

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