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Model No: 5027407011564
Manufacturer's Part No: MV001010


Concentrate for dilution before use Concentrated Broad Spectrum Virucidal Disinfectant.

Combines the powerful broad spectrum activity of Glutaraldehyde with the Soil Penetration (detergency) and rapid biocidal capacity of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds.

Effective deodouriser with pleasant scent.

Rapid Biocidal action and wide spectrum of activity Virucidal, Tuberculocidal, Bactericidal & Fungicidal Foaming properties

Retains activity in the presence of organic soiling

Non corrosive at recommended dilutions
Good biodegradability Non irritating.

Normal use Dilute at a rate of 1:160 with water.
Apply onto surfaces to be cleaned and disinfected and allow to soak. Rinse with water after allowing 2-3 minute contact time or allow to dry.

For heavy soiling. Dilute at a rate of 1:50 with water. Apply and scrub to remove any organic matter. Rinse with water after 10 minutes contact time.

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