Regular Orders

To ensure there are no issues with your order please read this page carefully. If you do have any issues please email us.

Setting Up a Regular Order

Make sure you have logged in first. Add the items you require to your basket as normal. Go to the Checkout/Cart page

Select the frequency from the drop down box eg weekly, fortnightly etc. (the default is "not repeated") and then click the checkout button. If everything has worked you will notice that the next page will state "This will be a Weekly (or Fortnightly etc.) repeat order". Then, complete the checkout as normal.

Please note

  • Orders received by 2pm Monday or 3pm Tuesday to Thursday and before 11am Friday will be despatched the same day, and your regular order will be repeated from that day.
    If you miss the deadline it will be despatched the next day but repeated from the day the order was placed.
  • We can only accept repeat orders if you pay by debit or credit card, not PayPal!
  • Do not add any other goods (eg vitamin powder) to the order or you will not be able to make the order a repeat one - this is mainly for livefood.


If you ever need to change your delivery address or email address not only will you need to update your account details but YOU ALSO NEED TO TELL US.

This is because your regular order is just be a repeat of the original order, so unless you tell us the order will continue to be sent out with the old details on it even though you have updated your account details.

Altering your Regular Order

If you wish to change any items on your regular order or change the frequency of your order then please send an email to and quote one of your previous order numbers.