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Model No: 5017357022123
Manufacturer's Part No: 17913

King British Aquatic Plant Food provides essential nutrients to encourage healthy plant growth. This specially developed formula includes essential nutrients in the form of trace elements required by aquatic plants to encourage healthy growth. As well as adding to the beauty of your aquarium plants, it also helps improve water quality. Plants absorb nitrate (present in the water from fish waste, uneaten food, etc.), so will not encourage unwanted algal growth. Aquatic Plant Food does not contain nitrate or phosphate that would encourage this.

  1. Calculate the dose needed (1ml per 9 litres) using our Dosage Calculator tool.
  2. Shake well before use.
  3. Using the pipette (1ml) or the cap (4ml), measure required amount of treatment.
  4. Dispense treatment directly into aquarium water.
  5. Repeat treatment every 14 days or when plants need a boost


Warnings: Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wash off any splashes with clean water. Wash your hands with soap and water after use. Keep away from pets. Keep away from food and drink.

  1. Read all instructions before use
  2. Do not exceed stated dose
  3. Keep out of the reach of children

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