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Model No: 5017357001807
Manufacturer's Part No: 17900

King British De-Chlorinator (formerly known as Safe Guard) makes tap water safe for fish. Use during initial tank set-up and whenever conducting partial water changes. De-Chlorinator neutralises harmful chlorine & chloramines and detoxifies heavy metals allowing tap water to be safely added to a fish tank. Also contains Aloe Vera to aid fish health. For use in tropical & coldwater aquariums. One 100 ml bottle will treat 900 litres of tap water.

Available in 50ml, 100ml and 250ml bottles. 

Measure the water for treatment into a clean container, free from any chemical contaminants.

Using the pipette (1ml) or the cap (4ml), add the required amount of de-chlorinator at 1ml per 9 litres to the water.

Gently pour over aquarium water's surface, being careful to cause minimal disturbance to the aquarium.



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