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Model No: 5017357022130
Manufacturer's Part No: VKT005

King British Turtle & Terrapin Water Freshener neutralises & digests organic waste produced by turtles & terrapins. Contains five different types of friendly microbes which break down waste, helping to control bad odours. One 100ml bottle will treat up to 900 litres of tank water.

Active Ingredient: Contains Natural Microorganisms.

  1. Following the formula on the carton, calculate the dose needed (1ml per every 9 litres)
  2. Gently invert the bottle to mix before use
  3. Using the pipette (1ml) or the cap (4ml), measure the required dose
  4. Dispense treatment directly into the water you wish to treat
  5. Repeat treatment twice a week, after a water change and following medicinal treatment


When starting a new terrarium, or if the terrarium smells stale, use double the normal dose. 

Poor water quality is a major cause of stress in turtles & terrapins. A build-up of organic compounds (turtle & terrapin waste, uneaten food & plant debris) promotes the growth of disease causing organisms in the tank or terrarium. This can be avoided by having a filter installed.

As well as physically removing particles from the water, the filter also houses nitrifying bacteria, which convert the dangerous ammonia and nitrite into nitrate. The removal of these substances by bacteria is know as the Biological Filter, and is essential for a healthy, balanced tank or terrarium.

Turtle & Terrapin Water Freshener contains five natural types of bacteria that neutralise & digest organic waste produced by turtles & terrapins and rapidly eliminates the bad odours that can build up when turtles & terrapins are kept in tanks & terrariums.

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