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Model No: 701029823457
Manufacturer's Part No: 82345

The Advanced Komodo Heat Mats are manufactured in the UK to the highest quality, conforming to 73/23/EEC standards and carrying the CE mark. They are an excellent source of 24 hour heat and produce long wave infrared heat to thoroughly warm a reptile from scale to bone. These versatile heat mats can be fixed to both the base or side of the chosen terrarium and are available in a number of sizes, catering for most enclosures.

Ideal for producing gentle background heat; if keeping reptiles with high heat requirements it may be necessary to add an additional heat source such as a Ceramic Heat Emitter in Black or White.

Komodo recommend that the advanced heat mat range be used in conjunction with an appropriate thermostat such as the Komodo Thermastat.

Each mat comes complete with a two year guarantee.

Size 733mm x 274mm

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