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Model No: 5060446440230
Manufacturer's Part No: 4th-black-pp

These big, meaty live black field crickets for reptile food are produced fresh on our Somerset based farm and are essential to ensure a staple diet for many reptiles. Very popular food for various Lizards including bearded dragons, Leopard Geckos, Frogs and Water dragons. By choosing to feed your reptile livefoods such as these crickets you will be promoting a natural hunting, stalking and waiting behaviour from your reptile which keeps him/her active and occupied and is more what they would be accustomed to in the wild.

All of our livefoods are produced fresh on our farm and sent from us direct to your door. They are packed in a ventilated tub, with cardboard insert and feeding bran. Please transfer them to a larger container such as a kricket keeper as they do not last very well in the cricket tubs unless you are buying only what you will feed in a week or two.

Prepack approx 75- 100 per tub
Half Bulk Bag approx 375-500 per bag
Bulk Bag approx 750-1000 per bag

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