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Model No: 5060446442784
Manufacturer's Part No: 1pnt-bait

Will be packed so that it will fit through letterbox (up to 2 packs will fit through letterbox).

Can be kept for 1-2 weeks at normal room temperature before they start to pupate unlike Blue Bottle maggots which need to be kept in a fridge.

Calci Worms are a high-calcium soft bodied larvae of the Black Soldier Fly.

They do not carry disease, and are high in calcium.

 Along with being a great new fishing bait Pond Fish, Chickens, Ducks and Geese love these too and they make a great  high-calcium and high protein treat.

Calci Worms are ready to serve straight from their pot, no need to dust or gut load these insects before feeding to your pet.

Please Note unless these are above 20C they will not be very active and will be completely dormant below 16C however they are still readily taken by coarse fish.

If more than 2 are required and you need it to fit through letterbox then place seperate orders with up to 2 packs.

Very Important!

These will be in a dormant state when they arrive and will appear to be dead, open the plastic bag imediately.

To revive place in shallow dish or ventilated bait box and leave in a warm place (20C-35C) for 4 hours.

If these are not being used immediately then feed fresh Apple cooked veg. etc. as a source of moisture and store at room temperature

Do NOT Refrigerate!

Approx. 10-15mm in length.