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Model No: 5060446442302
Manufacturer's Part No: bulkcalci500

Calci Worms are a high-calcium soft bodied larvae of the Black Soldier Fly. They do not carry disease, and are high in calcium. Calci worms are the only calcium rich feeder insects that have naturally balanced calcium and phosphorus and can be safely fed as a staple diet

Calci Worms are ready to serve straight from their pot, no need to dust or gut load these insects before feeding to your pet.

Very Important!

These will be in a dormant state when they arrive and may appear to be dead.

To revive in a warm place (20C-35C) for 4 hours.

If these are not being used immediately then feed fresh Apple cooked veg. etc. as a source of moisture and store at room temperature

Do NOT Refrigerate!

These will be supplied in 5 tubs of 100

Approx. 10-15mm in length.

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