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Model No: 5060446442500
Manufacturer's Part No: blab-adult-pp

This is for 1 tub of 6 Large and Adult roaches, because they are not easilly sexed like the Dubia Roaches these will be roughly 50%/50% males and females.

This is the one of the larger cockroach feeders, Blaberus discoidalis, the Discoid Cockroach.

Discoids are a large sized (2.5"-2.75") species of common feeder cockroach ideal when fully grown for large heavy reptiles such as monitors but any young that are produced can be fed to smaller species of reptile.

This species makes a fantastic feeder and is a moderately fast breeding (Live Bearing) cockroach with a fast growth rate for its size.

This species is not sexually dimorphic, males and females look the same but females are generally heavier

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