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Model No: 5060446442678
Manufacturer's Part No: l-roach-mt160

Approx. 160 (8 x tubs of 20), size range 24-35mm

The Blaptica dubia or as commonly called Dubia roaches are probably the most popular of all the feeder roaches. They are easy to keep, easy to breed, reptiles and amphibians love them, and readily available at a reasonable price. They are very easy to sex; the males have full wings, whilst the females have reduced wings. The nymphs are grey/brown (some say they resemble woodlice).

Other names: Guyana roach, Orange spotted roach, Argentine roach.
Adult Size: Males up to 40mm, females up to 45mm.
Feeder Cockroaches are a meaty cockroach, containing a higher ratio of protein to indigestible chitin.
They produce little odour, are silent, and are calm and easy to handle.
High in protein
Odourless, silent and easy to handle

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