Live FRUIT FLY CULTURE Drosophilia Hyde (Reptile Livefood)

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Manufacturer's Part No: A318

Flightless fruit flies are very small. Only suitable for hatchling spiders, mantis and newly emerged frogs and perhaps the smallest of hatchling lizards like baby Anolis

Unfortunately fruit flies can often arrive in a sorry looking state as it is not possible for the parcel to be kept the right way up during the journey from us to the customer and the containers can sometimes split open. Please do not order this item unless you are prepared to accept that it may not arrive in perfect condition.

However these are cultures and more flies will hatch

To continue producing flies we recommend using

Please note our fruit fly cultures are Drosophilia hydei NOT the slightly smaller Drosophilia melanoghaster.
Please also be aware that these are cultures and we will always do our best to supply a culture that contains adult flies, Pupae, grubs, and eggs however due to the unpredictable nature of demand for this product older or younger cultures will be supplied that may not contain ALL life stages of the fruit fly. Also unfortunately from time to time wild fruit flies may get into the cultures, if this is the case you may get SOME wild flies (with functioning wings) emerging, the remainder should hatch as flightless (deformed wings) fruit flies.

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