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A new and exciting live food source for your reptiles is now available!

The Fruit-beetle (Pachnoda) Grub is the soft-bodied larval stage of the Fruit beetle Pachnoda marginata
Our The Fruit-beetle Grubs are available in tubs of 7-10 per tub of mixed sizes (approx. 20mm to 35mm) and have soft bodies like Waxworms.

Fruit-Beetle Grubs are ideal treats for feeding to carnivorous and insectivorous reptiles and insect eating birds. They are succulent, juicy and highly appetising for your pet

The Fruit-beetle Grubs are shipped in peat, whose sole purpose is as a bedding material and to absorb moisture. They can be stored at room temperatures.
These also make great first pets, easy to keep, the adults eat fruit and are know as sun beetles.

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