Price: £33.69

Model No: 4040483630161
Manufacturer's Part No: LLC070

The Bright Control is necessary for operating Bright Sun UV lamps.
It contains ballasts, igniter and a capacitor inside a gear box and is ready for use with a connector.
A suitable lampholder has to purchased separately.

We recommend the Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket PRO click here or click here with silicone wire as its connector is a simple push fit to the connector on the Bright Control devices creating a Plug and Play solution. Other lampholders may be attached as well allowing to upgrade existing vivarium setups with the Bright Sun technology.

Note that the cable length between gear box and lamp should not exceed 2,5m to ensure correct operation of the lamp. The shorter the cable length the smoother operation can be expected.

If you rewire existing setups, make sure that you only use suitable wires as metal halide lamps need high voltages during the ignition phase. The Bright Control therefore has a wire with silicon insulation and the connector was also designed for the high voltages of metal halide lighting.

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