Price: £55.99

Model No: 4050321630529
Manufacturer's Part No: LLC210

The successor of the popular Bright Control PRO excels particularly with its ability to operate various wattages of Bright Sun lights at one ballast. Now you can switch between 35W and 70W. This increases flexibility and can also save money. In winter for example you can use a 35W lamp instead of a 50W. You can also use this ballast to operate a stronger light if the animal has outgrown its breeding tank and needs to move to a larger terrarium.

A smart chip controller provides a high efficiency, a stable spectrum with guaranteed UV efficacy and increases the lifetime of the lamp. Safety features shut down the EB in case of overheating or defective or missing lamp.

Please note that not only in size does an EB has an advantage over a conventional ballast. The intelligent controlling system increases the lifetime of the lamp and the light spectrum, and thus the UV efficacy will stay much more consistent throughout the lifetime of the lamp than operated with a conventional ballast. Furthermore only an EB guarantees a flicker free operation. Also note that every ballast is slightly different and significant differences in light spectrum and UV radiation can occur when ballasts from different manufacturers are used.

The Lucky Reptile Bright Control are optimized for Bright Sun and ensure optimum UV supply.

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