Price: £31.84

Model No: 4040483636118
Manufacturer's Part No: LLB150

IMPORTANT! external balast required

The Bright Sun UV is a revolutionary new UV lamp that offers light, heat and UV in one lamp at low wattages

Because the external balast life can last many times longer than the bulb good cost savings can be made when it is time to replace the bulb compared to self balasted mercury vapour bulbs.

The Lucky Reptile bright sun has the combined benefit of visual light, UV light and heat all from one lamp. The Bright Sun UV lamp has similar or better UV and natural light output than a mercury vapour bulb but can be used in much smaller vivariums and terrariums due to a lower amount of heat loss. Any heat lost is reflected due to the bulbs reflective construction and aimed into a beam to create a warm basking spot.

The lower light intensity produced by the Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Jungle UV Lamp is suitable for jungle or forest species and should promote better wellbeing and increased activity from your reptile. In the wild jungle or forest dwelling animals will not receive the high levels of light experienced by desert animals due to leaves and foliage filtering it out. The jungle bright sun UV is designed to mimic these natural conditions

Change your bulb yearly to maintain a suitable light spectrum and correct UV levels.

The Bright Sun will fit into standard E27 porcelain lampholder and requires a ballast like the Lucky Reptile Bright Control devices. We recommend the Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket PRO (click here or click here) with silicone wire as its connector is a simple push fit to the connector on the Bright Control devices creating a Plug and Play solution. Other lampholders may be attached as well allowing to upgrade existing vivarium setups with the Bright Sun technology.

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