Lucky Reptile Coco Fibre Mat 30cmx30cm Pack of 4

Price: £19.99

Model No: 4040483653016
Manufacturer's Part No: DLB430

Pack of four 30 X 30 x1cm coco fibre mats

Lucky Reptile Coco Backgrounds are 100% natural backgrounds made from coco fibres.
They are free of chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers.
Natural rubber is used as glue which is completely safe for the animals.
The material can be cut easily and can be quickly adapted to any terrarium size.

These Coco Backgrounds are also an excellent subsoil for plants. Tillandsias, vines and tendril plants can be planted on the background and quickly adhere to the coco fibres.

With these Coco Backgrounds you can easily create an attractive surrounding in your terrarium.

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