Lucky Reptile Sphagnum Moss (Block)

Price: £6.29

Model No: 4040483658011
Manufacturer's Part No: SLS005

Lucky Reptile Sphagnum Moss comes from controlled cultivation and is from highest quality.
It is shipped dried and pressed to a brick which allows for long-term storage.

If water is added this moss brick will swell up to about 5 litres of fresh and moist sphagnum moss. This moss is excellent for providing humid places inside the terrarium (e.g. hiding boxes for snakes) and it increases the overall humidity inside the terrarium.

Excellent for tropical terrariums and most amphibians Also excellent as subsoil for orchids and other plants



Please note ALL loose substrates can cause Impacted gut if ingested in large quantities and the best way to help prevent this is to ensure you provide sufficient calcium in the diet as reptiles will eat substrate in the wild to make up for mineral deficiencies.



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