Price: £62.99

Model No: 4040483623651
Manufacturer's Part No: CLF001

The Super Fog II is the next generation of the proven high-performance Super Fog humidifier. Although the price of the new Super Fog II was lowered, the fogger has many improved features.

The device is now more flexible by its compact dimensions and can be better integrated into vivarium cabinets. With the flexible tube you can transport the fog into the vivarium up to an hight of max. 2 m. Although the fogger has a smaller size, the water tank is with a capacity 2,1 L really big and the even the fog performance has been increased.
The Super Fog II is ideal for large vivarium or vivarium facilities. The Super Fog II is ideal for large terrariums or terrariums whole plants. The separately available Multi Outlet allows it to take the humidity in several places and in several terrariums. The fog output is regulated.

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