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Very good Product I would recomend this as it does exactly what it says on the Tin. very easy to mount inside.

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Just wanted to let people know how this fits to the viv as i could not find info anywhere just had to buy and hope i could work it out. It is very simple BUT not for you if you need to put a viv of the same size on top of the one you are fitting this light to as a little bit sticks out the top of your viv. You need to drill a small hole in the top of your viv and a nut on either side of the hole keeps it in place. Although it does tell you they recommend you have someone qualified fit it i did my own with no knowledge of eletrics it is very simple i did however take a picture on my phone of the wires just to remember where they went and which way round :) Good Product

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Having had this lamp before,(it broke), wanted the same & found at Livefoods, very good price & delivery options.

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