Price: £99.52

Model No: 4040483627017
Manufacturer's Part No: CLT150

The Lucky Reptile Thermo Clean 150 Filter/Heater (TCF-150) is the perfect external filter for turtle tanks but can be used for all other types of aquariums.

The filter includes a 100W heater which ensures the reliable heating of the aquarium without the risk that turtles will play ping pong with a heater installed inside the aquarium and damage it.
This is a common and very serious problem as the risk of electrical shocks exists if the aquarium heater is damaged. The heater of the Thermo Clean is safely installed inside the filter itself.

In addition the filter excels with high user-friendliness, low power consumption and high quietness of the pump.
Three filter stages ensure effective cleaning and make the filter suitable for aquariums up to 150 litres. Filter media is included as well as plenty of accessories for easy installation inside aquariums and turtle tanks.
The Thermo Clean Filter is suitable for Lucky Reptile Turtle-Tarriums small, medium and large

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