Price: £68.99

Model No: 608641996920
Manufacturer's Part No: CMA045

The DL1ME is a dimming thermostat with next generation processing technology enabling minute adjustments in temperature.

The Night time drop facility allows the unit to provide a different temperature to the vivarium during the hours of darkness, this provides a more natural environment for your pet. The light sensitivity level can be adjusted to suit room lighting.

The DL1 Magic Eye can control any heat source up to 600W. Three safety alarms are built into the thermostat to alert the user of heater failure, over temperature and under temperature.

A recessed temperature control adjuster is used to prevent accidental temperature changes if the unit were to be knocked which could be easily done if the dial protruded from the casing.

A yellow LED provides real time feedback as to how much power is being supllied to the heater. The red LED is the alarm indication which is accompanied by an audible alarm. Long cable lenths ensure the unit can be fitted easily into most vivarium setups.

- High definition digital Night Time Drop dimming thermostat
- Control any heat source upto 600W
- 3 alarms to indicate heater failure, over temperature and under temperature

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