Price: £55.99

Model No: 608641997088
Manufacturer's Part No: CMA250

Microclimate HC 6 Thermostat gives you control of your heater and fan simultaneously, to provide the excellent environment control for your reptile. The HC 6 has the ability to control up to and including 600w of power split between your heater and fan outputs.
Heaters and Fans can be combined in any combination up to 600W total

Simply set the temperature you require in the vivarium on the heater dial. The H6 will then automatically switch the heater on and off to maintain the set temperature.

The fan dial is then set with a maximum temperature. Should the temperature in the vivarium reach the maximum temperature on the dial, the connecting fan will be activated.

Vivariums can be heated by an outside source such as direct sunlight. Normal thermostats will turn the heater off when the vivarium reaches the set temperature but will not activate a cooling system if the external source continues to warm the vivarium.
The HC 6 Thermostat ensures that should this happen the fan is activated to cool your vivarium.

The HC 6 Thermostat has colour coded LEDs for ease of use. A green LED indicates the thermostat is switched on, a red LED indicates power is being sent to the heat output and a blue LED indicates power is being sent to the fan output

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