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Model No: 0608641997118
Manufacturer's Part No: CMA102

The Prime range of thermostats are at the cutting edge of thermostat technology using the latest software and hardware to allow the user even greater control of their vivarium than ever before.

The Prime range allows the user to select control types of Dimming, Pulse or On/Off and also allows control of non heating/cooling devices for example lighting or misting equipment.

To add even more flexibility the way the 24 hour period is controlled is completely user definable with options for a constant temperature throughout 24hours or options for day/night setting or even up to 8 different temperatures throughout a 24 hour period to allow you to create an extremely natural environment for you reptile on each channel.

The Prime range have USB built into the unit which allows the user to setup the thermostat extremely easily, monitor the thermostat from a computer and pull historical data from the thermostat using the data logging facility.
The computer software can be downloaded from

The Prime range are also fully user updatable via the computer software that means that when new features become available you can download the latest software and keep your unit up to date all in a very simple process.

Control Method:
There are 3 different methods of thermostat control on the prime thermostat.
Dimming - The thermostat varies the power output to control at the set temp.
Pulse - The thermostat pulses power to the heater to maintain the temp.
on/off - The thermostat switches the power on and off around a set point.

Control Type: There are 3 types of control available on the prime
Heating - Heating thermostat
Fixed - Fixed output (used for on/off timed control) or constant output level
Cooling - Cooling thermostat

There are 4 different timing modes that can be set on the prime per channel.
Constant - A single constantly outputted setting.
Day & Night - Different temperatures set for night and day.
Multi- Up to 8 different settings throughout the 24hr period
Periodic - Output can be triggered at intervals throughout the 24 hr period.

Ramp Time:
The ramp time controls how fast the thermostat reacts to temperature change for example when switching from night to day mode.
The longer the ramp time the longer the transition between the 2 set temperatures giving a smoother temperature change.

All Prime thermostats are designed and manufactured in the UK and carry a 5 year warranty.

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