Frozen Mice and Rats of all sizes, these will either be packed with Dry Ice to prevent defrosting or in Stayfresh Modified Atmosphere Packs (MAP) to prolong freshness, the same technology that is used to give packs of ham and other fresh meats the long shelf life we have all come to expect from supermarket food. Everyone knows that food does not stay fresh forever. Milk turns sour, bread goes mouldy, meat develops an off smell. A number of factors cause food spoilage. Oxygen in the air can cause a process of decay called oxidation and the growth of microbes such as bacteria, yeasts and mould that are present all around us can cause harmful byproducts. Modified Atmosphere Packaging, MAP, is a technology that has been developed to ensure that packaged food products stay fresh and attractive for as long as possible. We have used this technology to package our freshly frozen rodents to enable us to send small quantities of rodents in the knowledge that should there be insufficient quantities to stay frozen, or if there is a small delay in delivery then the product should still be fresh on arrival.
Frozen unavailable

Frozen unavailable

Due to staff shortages we are currently not sending frozen rodents.  …

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