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Model No: 5029411114057
Manufacturer's Part No: VVS003

Vitamins minerals and calcium in a very fine powder. Use to dust livefood / defrosted rodents prior to feeding to reptiles.
A vitamin/mineral supplement specifically formulated as a high calcium "balancer " for insectivorous reptiles and birds, to assist in correcting the inadequate levels of calcium present in live insectivorous foods such as crickets and mealworms.
The Calcium:Phosphorus ratio is very important in ensuring healthy bone growth, and reproductive function and this potent supplement with a Ca:P ratio of 46:1 is extremely valuable in correcting deficient diets.
It is particularly important for those species fed primarily on insects such as mealworms or locusts, used as a dusting powder. Some species fed mainly lean meat also benefit, as will growing chelonia which need calcium for their shells and the larger lizards and crocodilia for their normal bone development.

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