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Model No: 5029411262253
Manufacturer's Part No: VVD015

Vivarium disinfectant Kills all known bacteria, virus and fungi.
An iodophore disinfectant, suitable for general purpose vivarium disinfection. Also for use in veterinary surgeries, hospitals, schools, catering establishments, shops, and other public and industrial premises as a general purpose disinfectant. It has the benefit of having a built-in colour-marker, which means the operator can see where they have treated, and also when they have washed it off. In a made up solution for dips, washes, footbaths etc it loses its colour when it becomes inactive. In animal accommodation or on dishes wipe off, or rinse off the Tamodine-E after cleaning before use. Some American zoos wash down new animal acquisitions in 0.05% iodophor, this would be quite useful for shops and collections. It can be made up by putting 0.5ml Tamodine E in 1 litre of water. DO NOT USE THIS FOR AMPHIBIA AS THEY CAN ABSORB CHEMICALS THROUGH THEIR SKINS AND IT MAY HARM THEM.

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