Price: £129.74

Model No: 5025629241240
Manufacturer's Part No: TVV091

Newly re-designed to fit into the Viva+ range, the VIVA Chameleon vivarium gives you an opportunity to create a beautiful habitat for these most charming and distinctive creatures. Ideal for the popular Yemen Chameleon.

Dimensions (mm): Width 575, Depth 490, Height 915mm (1560 including optional cabinet).

Stylish oak finish with optional matching cabinet available separately (Cabinet code PT4035)
Top panel features an inset mesh to establish the correct, safe position for basking lamp
Redesigned, effective ventilation has been built in to the stylish aluminium door rails. These sleek rails are perforated along their length, allowing cool air to enter at the base and warm air to exit through the top, creating superb air flow and preventing overheating.

Efficient Front-Flow ventilation means:
Better animal health and wellbeing
Less chance of overheating
Vents are less likely to be obstructed

Integrated dowel bar for chameleons to climb on
Rear vents assist the flow of air through the vivarium
Sliding glass doors with Slidestopper to prevent escapes.

Matching Cabinet, product code TVV111 also available.
Image's for illustration purposes only, decor and lights not included.

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