Price: £299.00

Model No: 0634158582097
Manufacturer's Part No: VTH174

The Vividarium Tortoise Home is a beautifully crafted habitat designed specifically for tortoises, which not only benefits your pet’s health and welfare, but is also a fantastic looking focal point worthy of any home!

Key Benefits & Features Include:
  • EASY CLEAN :Manufactured from lightweight resin; which means it’s waterproof, it won’t rot, it’s easy to manoeuvre and easy to clean.
  •  BASKING LAMP SAFE :Designed to be used with any hanging-type basking lamps, or clamp-lamps.  The Vividarium comes complete with a metal clip attached to the upper shell to allow a lamp to be suspended underneath. (Lamp not included with purchase).
  • CABLE TIDY : cables from basking lamps etc are tucked away neatly in to the cable clamps secured on the rear of the Tortoise Home’s shell.
  • INBUILT HIDE : cleverly built in to the head of the Tortoise Home is a 15cm retreat where a tortoise can hide out, reducing stress levels.
  • CIRCULAR INTERNAL DESIGN : When tortoises find 90 degree angles (every rectangular vivarium) they instinctively try to climb up the walls (and escape) by "chimneying" against the two sides. This often leads to tortoises falling on their backs, which can be fatal within minutes under a heat source. 
    Our Tortoise Home is oval, considerably lessening the chances of this happening. 

  • HEALTH BENEFITS : Open-top design; allowing maximum air flow and ventilation, which mimics a tortoise’s natural wild environment.  Scientifically proven to reduce the risks of upper respiratory infections associated with keeping tortoises in closed vivaria, where ventilation becomes problematic.
    The open-top design also allows for true thermoregulation properties too, as the environment will be hot under a basking source, but cool away from the basking source. This allows a tortoise to move in and out of the different temperature zones as required, as they would in nature.
    Whereas a tortoise kept in a closed-type vivaria will have problems thermoregulating its body temperature, leading to accelerated growth patterns and often metabolic bone disease.  
  • BEAUTIFUL AESTHETICS : Individually hand finished with stunning airbrushed glossy paintwork, so each one is as individual as a finger print.  A true focal point for any home.


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